Zumipic is a fun site with a rich collection of video tutorials for drawing and coloring, and author pictures for printing and coloring. Here you will find many ideas for crafting things in your free time, useful tips and children’s series.

Pictures for printing and colouring

Print the drawings directly from the site. For girls and for boys: characters from movies, games and series, thematic - unique and different pictures from Zumipic.

Drawing - video lessons, step by step

A rich library of drawing video tutorials suitable for beginners. Watch how to draw step by step and learn to draw beautifully in an easy way.

Coloring - video

Learn to color beautifully, or just watch fun videos about coloring drawings.

DIY Ideas

Ideas of things that can be made from materials on hand, such as cardboard, colored papers, caps, balloons, etc.

Puzzles and games

Video collection of fun puzzles and games.

Children's series

Masha and the Bear, Shaun the Sheep, Lucas the Spider, Peppa Pig, Sunny Bunnies and more.

New in Zumipik

Zumipic on YouTube